Electronic Composition Showcase

Moth (2011)

Back in 2011, I found this from a folder full of unfinished projects. It only featured about 4 measures of sawtooth wave synth. When I listened to it, I instantly thought of a great idea for the track. I was very into mellotron back then, so I decided to transform into an epic instrumental track featuring lots and lots of mellotrons. I also was working on some rock songs.  So I wanted it to be in the middle of those two. I started by adding a complex acoustic drum track. Then started adding layers of synths and mellotrons. I wasn’t so sure how to finish the song, so I decided to make a dramatic transition instead. take all the synths out and feature nothing but slow mellotrons and drums. Tried to make it as gloomy as possible. I was and still am very satisfied with the result, and to this day, it’s my most favorite song I’ve ever done.

Dear Prisoner (2014)

This is a piece I’ve done for a quick class project back in 2014. I’ve never made a poetry based song before, so it was a very interesting project. To me, this piece is a milestone to my body of work, as I’ve used glitch for the first time. I may have overused it, but it’s a very special piece to me. I wanted the song to sound like it is gradually getting twisted into the void. If I could try it again, I would use a lot more effects and filters, however, I cannot find the original project file anymore.

The Ladder (2014)

Originally planned to produce a song that sounds like Kraftwerk somehow ended up turned into a progressive metal at the end of the song. It was all done on Reason, using nothing but a mouse and a keyboard. This song features all of my key specialities: glitches, complex drums and crazy synthesizer solos. I went a bit crazy with reverb at the end, I admit it. I later added glitch and synth solo battle after realizing the song sounds a bit too boring. The second verse of the song features loads of soundeffects besides glitches as well. The random voice sample is a speech by JFK fastforwarded, in case you are wondering. I had a load of fun working on this one.

Like With a Capital L (John Kwon Remix) (2017)

I’ve never really done any remix before, so it was a bit of challenge to me. I remixed a song I recorded with my friend, which is a part of our ongoing ukulele/acoustic album project (you can get a sneak peek of the album here). I wanted to make it sound as different as possible, totally stripping the song. I began with the base synth line I made with my MS-20. I twisted the vocal chops around and made it go reverse while still sounding quite natural in a way. I didn’t mean to make it a dark sounding song, but it ended up that way as usual. The song features lots of drum glitches at the end, as a way of writing putting signature at the end of the song. It originally featured a couple more glitch tracks, but I ended up taking them away for sounding too messy. All and all, I’m very satisfied with the result, so does my friend who composed the original recording.