Looking for a music mixing/mastering service for your new album, but have no budget to get it done?
Here’s the affordable high quality mixing/mastering service by a current IU Jacobs School of Music Recording Arts student!
You can send me your mix via email or any cloud storage service for the mixing/mastering service. Nice and clean.
Once you send me the file, I’ll finish mixing/mastering within 2~7 days (Depends on the service) and send you samples of each version.
You can pay after deciding which version you are going to go with.
Make sure the result is mainly depends on the original recording/mix! Doing both mixing and mastering works the best.
I do not provide any kind of recording service.
Contact me for more information. I will also send you my recent work if you want.
I use Pro Tools 11 and Logic Pro X.


Paypal only.

Additional info:
up to 64 tracks
16 or 24 bit rates
up to 96khz sample rates
Export your audio tracks as AIFF or WAV files.
Label all tracks correctly and export them from the beginning of the song.
No MIDI tracks. Make sure to remove all the inserts, and also make sure there’s no clipping before exporting.

Please export your song at -3db. Make sure to bypass compressor or limiter on your masterbus if you have one.

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