Kunwoo John Kwon is an audio engineer/sound designer currently living in Bloomington, IN. Born in South Korea, John has always wanted to move to the United States to pursue his love for sound. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Recording Arts at Indiana University Bloomington.  During his time at Indiana University, he has diversified his skill sets as an audio engineer.

John has worked as a live audio engineer for a number of shows including jazz bands, orchestras, Operas and musicals at IU. He also worked as a recording engineer, recorded and mixed local bands, including a full-length album by an IU student. John also has 4+ years of experience working as an A1 audio engineer for hundreds of Big Ten Network live broadcasts. Since 2017, John also started his freelance career as a sound designer and recordist for film, collaborating with MFA and BFA students from CalArts and IU.

John also has an extensive knowledge of sound technology and electronics. His love for analog circuits kickstarted his side business repairing and modding audio equipment. He also designs and builds synthesizer modules. John is currently experimenting sound design using a Eurorack modular synthesizer system.



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Turbine Angel – A film by Ross Constable – Sound mixer
Hoosier – A film by Aaron Cook – Sound mixer
Over It – A film by Jason Fruits – Sound designer


Modular Synth